Whitepaper v1.1


Stage One


Stage Two

Initial Growth

Stage Three

Development and app deployment

Stage Four

Second growth phase

Phase One


Phase Two

Initial Growth

Phase Three

Development and app deployment

Phase Four

Second growth phase

Whitepaper v1.0 is the first of a series of Whitepapers that will be released in the near future to document different aspects of this project.

Development Progress Update:

With a focus on user experience and functionality, we are successfully building the first version of the Toshi Tool’s dApp. This version of the dApp will allow users to connect their wallets and view their wallet performance on their profile dashboard. Furthermore, on the overview page, users can search and view other top-performing wallets and can favourite trending wallets which they decide to follow. 

The front end of the app is being developed using react while the backend is being handled with Django, a Python web framework. The Django framework will make use of Redis and Celery to provide constant up to date data. Below is a video of the front end of our app in action with our dashboard animations and basic data scraping in effect.
Below are screenshots of our front end html and javascript development code in progress:
Data extraction and digestion:
In order to create personalized graphs, we use web-scraping techniques and data visualization libraries to extract and digest transaction data from the blockchain. The critical component is determining which specific data structures we want to extract for our use case. We are analyzing and interpreting the data by cleaning and organizing the data extracted, and sorting it into different categories. This sorting process requires mathematical functions to convert hexadecimal values into decimal values. These functions are used to perform statistical analyses to identify trends and patterns that can be visualized on a graph. Only after extracting and sorting the bulk data can we incorporate data visualization tools to create the charts that contain the metrics we aim to display. 

We are continuously working on R&D with a team of experienced developers. Integrating AI technology into the dApp requires a lot of user testing. Extraction of market data using AI algorithm's includes feeding the AI technology with an immense load of information and playing around with its systems to understand the feedback we are getting. We are working closely with beta testers to gather information about the dApp’s functionality while focusing on its operational usability, design, and user experience. 
Adding AI assistant:
We are excited to announce that we have incorporated an AI assistant into the Toshi app interface! This is a separate feature from our integration of AI into our machine learning algorithm for gathering and delivering data from the blockchain as previously documented in whitepaper v1.

We are testing AI’s functionality by adding chat GPT-3 directly on the app. As of now, the release of this AI assistant on the Toshi app will allow users to only chat with GPT-3 AI. It is not incorporated with the functions of the Toshi app but will give users a taste of the benefits of accessing chat GPT-3. This addition will enhance user’s search functionality. Our team of developers is heavily testing the functionality of integrating the AI system with the Toshi app.
Below is a mockup of the interface of our first tests at implementing this feature:
This interface will be customizable with different AI bot skins

Community update

A vital key to success with Toshi Tools involves creating a solid and engaged community.So far we have seen tremendous growth on Twitter and Telegram, and will continue to grow on these platforms. Our plan of action to initiate more growth on these platforms includes:
- sharing updates and new content
- responding to community feedback
- collaborating with influencers to help grow our presence 

We will attract further growth by acquiring strategic partnerships and by building a stronger social media presence. We are in works with partnering with more Web3 influencers who have a strong reputation in the crypto space. By acquiring new partnerships with influencers, Toshi Tools is bound to reach a larger audience. In addition, we are excited to release a series of community challenges over the upcoming months. We plan to involve and engage our community more frequently by creating community-drive initiatives.

With the release of the V.1 Toshi Tools app, we are introducing new holder tiers. This grants holders that are less than Tier 1 (holding 0.4% of Toshi supply) to be eligible for access to the first app. We want to include as much of our community as possible in this process of building the Toshi ecosystem of tools. 

Marketing Update

We are implementing a combination of marketing strategies that will allow Toshi Tools to reach a larger audience. Our team is making a major push in influencer marketing on major platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, and Twitter. Our team is continuously creating new content, such as valuable blog posts, community progress updates, and unique website and marketing content in addition to building Toshi’s ecosystem of apps.

Toshi Tools is in the process of getting listed on major exchanges thereby giving access to new markets and user bases, allowing for credibility, visibility, and volume growth. As a result, this will bring us resources to fuel marketing plans. In addition, our community can expect regular updates on our social media platforms and medium posts.

Painting the future of Toshi: What's Next

We are near the release of the V.1 Toshi Tools app! This version of the Toshi Tools dApp is a public beta test, which will allow our developers to identify and fix any bugs that may occur with the app before the final version is released. This is an important step in the development process. By gathering feedback on the app’s functionality and navigation, our developers can then improve the user experience.  

When the final version of the V.1 Toshi Tool’s app is released, we will introduce new holder tiers. This grants holders that are less than Tier 1 (holding 0.4% of Toshi supply) to be eligible for access to feature of the first app. We want to include as much of our community as possible in this process of building the Toshi ecosystem of tools. 

Our team focuses great attention on the expansion of partnerships. We are working to create long term partnerships with other projects that are offering utility in the Web3 space. Strategic partnerships will allow the Toshi ecosystem to access new markets, increase the user base, provide new collaboration opportunities, and increase overall credibility. Therefore in order to expand our offerings to a broader landscape of users, we will be collaborating with other projects that are in alignment with our goal of delivering utility. A list of our future partnerships will be announced in the future.

In the near horizon, our developers will add new features and functionalities to the Toshi app, making it more valuable and useful to users. In addition to updates to the dApp, we will release a mobile version of the Toshi app! This can appeal to a wider range of users and will increase its adoption due of its increased usability and convenience. 

We are also exploring options to take Toshi Tools multi-chain. This step in the Toshi Tools ecosystem is where we strive to work towards because it serves the Toshi vision of broadening the landscape of tools in the Web3 space. As we grow, we are able to reinvest into a bigger team of experienced developers that can design the application to work across multiple blockchain networks. If cross-chain compatibility is achieved, it can facilitate inter-operability between various blockchain networks.

Other future updates include liquidity lock extensions and most importantly expanding the Toshi team. As this project continues to grow we will facilitate the required upgrades. Our team expansion we will be used to update the branding, improve on designs, and continuously expand marketing strategies. More on these further updates will come.