Whitepaper v1.0 is the first of a series of Whitepapers that will be released in the near future to document different aspects of this project.


In Japanese, “Toshi” means to invest. A “Tool” is an instrument used to broaden an individual’s abilities. 

We are Toshi Tools, a group of savvy developers and successful traders that have identified a hole in the market. We have identified here is no platform up to our standard that allows users to view and track past investments, or to help with future decisions. 

A series of successful databases has allowed us to be in this current situation, of information overload. Starting with the blockchain. The blockchain is an ever-evolving distributed database that stores information in a highly secure and transparent way, making it impossible to alter or tamper with. Although the blockchain was a revolutionary innovation that has brought us far, its technical nature makes it difficult for users without cryptography or computer science knowledge to decipher the information. 
What's currently in front of us:
Thus far, the best attempt to solve this technical jargon for users is the platform called Etherscan. Etherscan did a tremendous job of taking the complex data of the blockchain and allowing users to interact with the Ethereum network. As a result, it is a valuable tool for users, researchers, and developers, who can now explore smart contracts, check balances of addresses and track transactions. But how could such platforms be improved for better personalized use?

Our team of developers and traders are not content with the innovations thus far; we know we can make a better platform that can better serve the needs of any investor. From a first principles perspective, we aim to take the complex information of these existing platforms, break it down into its simplest elements, and ultimately reform that information in a more efficient and user-friendly manner. 
Our contribution:
Here we present Toshi Tools, a crypto platform with a next-generation wallet data tracking and analytics tool that will become integrated with GPT-3’s OpenAI. This beta tool provides users with advanced analytics on trader performance, visualized on interchangeable graphs. Furthermore, our native wallet data extraction protocol integrates with OpenAI’s GPT-3 learning models, allowing Toshi Tools to provide users with insight based on top wallet trading performances and behaviours. 

The Defi space changes and moves rapidly, making it difficult for investors to follow trends and make informed decisions. Amid the abundant and rapid flow of ever-evolving information within markets, the most critical metrics are commonly missed. The few traders who hold relevant data based on actionable insights are the ones who end up winning. Our platform aims at making valuable data readily and easily available to help investors make decisions.

Our library of innovative instruments that will work in conjunction to deliver users a valuable tool. Delivery of these instruments is possible through a series of innovations that build on top of the first iteration of Toshi Tools. The Toshi Team has concrete actionable plans to deliver this ecosystem of tools.

About Toshi

Toshi Tools was created as a new tool that displays a user’s crypto activity in an interchangeable and easy-to-read chart that ultimately can help users track their investments more efficiently.

The objective of integrating GPT-3 with Toshi, is to perform on-chain analysis around the clock.
The Problem: information overload
One of the many issues with the blockchain is the sheer amount of data that is available. An excess amount of data makes users overwhelmed and confused as to how to interpret or understand the data in front of them. It is daunting for both a novice and well-experienced to have access to so much information, making it difficult for users to distinguish between which information is relevant. This ultimately makes it difficult for individuals to make strategic and informed decisions. 
Why tracking wallets is useful:
Tracking wallets in the DeFi space can provide valuable insight into the health and activity of cryptocurrencies within markets. It can be helpful by providing extensive information about the distribution of a cryptocurrency. Suppose, for example, a large proportion of a specific cryptocurrency’s total supply is concentrated within a small number of wallets. In that case, this can be a valid indicator of centralization, which exposes that cryptocurrency as vulnerable to manipulation. If an AI system can accurately track this potential market manipulation, it can become an invaluable resource for investors. 

On the other hand, if the AI tracking system can identify that the distribution of a specific cryptocurrency is evenly spread out among a wide variety of wallets, it can present bullish signs of a more decentralized and secure network, making it a worthy investment. Although these metrics are able to be done by human analysis, AI is undoubtedly more efficient in evaluating a wider range of metrics in a short time frame. This increased efficiency is a multiplier on your time spent analyzing the market.
Why Toshi is launching on Ethereum Blockchain:
Our team of experienced developers made no hesitation when deciding which blockchain to begin Toshi on, for many reasons. First, Toshi Tool’s goal is to create an ecosystem of tools. By launching on the Ethereum network, we open the doors to the maximum number of potential investors and users with Ethereum being the second largest market cap cryptocurrency in the world as well as facilitating the most amount of volume when compared to other networks. As Toshi Tools is looking to add and build upon the simplest version of the first Toshi Tool, the objective would be to go cross-chain and be available on other networks.


The Toshi ecosystem of tools will be released in multiple stages, each building on the stage prior. Our first dApp is an essential tool for wallet data extraction.
Toshi Tool Dashboard
This stage is Toshi Tool’s first rollout, with the focus being on functionality and viewability. With this application, users can login through their crypto wallet (metamask), and are presented with an auto-update and display of the total value of their wallet, consisting of the tokens that are held as assets. 

This interface’s key features consist of viewing your wallet’s value in a legible chart that will display the value of your tokens (Y-axis), within a chosen timeframe (X-axis). The options of the timeframe selected within the chart displays the wallet performance in the following timeline intervals: one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year. This application allows users to track and view their personalized wallet performance based on the assets held within the connected wallet. 
Overview Page
Within the overview page, users are able to view and curate a list of daily top performers in the crypto markets, by either searching a coin (to view top performers) or a wallet id. On this page, the list that is curated is sorted by wallet id’s that are performing the best growth in real-time. With the emphasis on growth being the greatest returns on investment. In addition to the list of top performers (within selected time frames), another section provides users with a list of trending wallets. This trending section will consist of wallet id’s that are not the highest in value but are traders on track to becoming the best performers given the market conditions and trends. 

This interface’s key features include displaying the #1 wallet id’s (best performer in the market) performance on a separate chart. Similar to the Tier 1 application chart, which shows your wallet id performance, this sidebar chart is an extension of viewing the top performers’ real-time wallet performance. In addition, users can follow top traders and performers within markets. Conclusively, this updated version of the dApp functionality will allow users to log in, and view personal wallets to visually track tokens and returns on investment, with the addition of viewing other top performers and trending wallets. This overview dashboard allow users to view and make informed decisions about market movements, potentially aiding their choices. 
Transaction Extraction
Building on top of the overview page, our application will enable users to gather and retain more useful information about actual transactions. As this update is curated down the road, it will allow users to take their tracking wallet tool a step further. This update will allow users to view the transactions concurrently with the viewable chart’s displays. 

The issue our team of developers and traders noticed with databases such as Etherscan was a lack of ability to filter or sort wallet id’s based on performance or network. That’s where this update will present a major achievement in the crypto landscape. The issue we solve with this innovation is the digestion of the information extracted from transactions. Being able to not only view but sort the statistics presented with top-performing and trending wallets will allow users to make informed decisions about the market. 

Key features of this interface consist of viewing where the top performers and trending wallet id’s are making transactions, such as Etherscan. But where this innovation differs is the ability to filter out irrelevant information from these transactions and allow users to confine the filters to their own needs. 
Future Development
In future development updates, Toshi Tools will release a notification feature. This will allow users that follow their curated list of top performers and trending wallets to receive notifications of those desired wallets trading behaviours. In addition, the app will send users information when the wallets they follow are making trades, giving them the luxury of choosing what to do with that information.

Integration With AI

Toshi Tools that will expand and broaden the landscape of Web3 by using Open AI’s GPT-3 machine learning. This integration allows users to efficiently extract information from the blockchain using relevant parameters. Other database platforms like Etherscan do a tremendous job in extracting data from the blockchain and thereby making data viewable. However, the data extracted is not efficiently digested and confined in a manner that can be advantageous to users. 

To first understand the scale of what Toshi is set to execute, one must first understand the powers of OpenAI’s machine learning strength.
Powers of GPT-3 Open AI:
The most significant advantage of using machine learning AI is data extraction and digestion. Intaking and assessing bulk data from the blockchain can be a tedious and time consuming task for a human. With GPT-3 open ai, users can analyze a collection of bulk data to create a model based on your specific configurations and metrics. Furthermore, when this process is tweaked and developed, it can become automated and incredibly useful for users.
AI: Training and Testing Phase:
Extracting a collection of bulk market data is readily available to the public. The user would feed bulk data to the AI thereby training it to create an effective algorithm. 

An example of this: Let’s say the user extracts data of all the top performers for the last three years. The user can separate the data to make it relevant for their use by looking at only the Ethereum traded within the top wallets. They would be able to extract a list of transactions, getting the price point on Ethereum when those top wallets bought and sold, and also getting data of the Ethereum price movement within that same three year time frames. This data can be used to perform a training phase. 

Training Phase: The user can give this data to the machine learning algorithm. The AI will train itself with the extraction of data provided and can predict the pattern of trades given the cryptocurrency's price movements. 

Testing Phase:  Additionally, we can feed the machine learning AI new market data for extra security on whether the data provided in the training phase was accurate. We can test this information by checking the actual price movement of the market and deciding whether the information provided was correct and performed as anticipated. 
The way AI does this:
After feeding the machine learning AI a list of top performers, it would put this data into a structure called a tree. This bootstrap aggregation is a complicated algorithm that consists of a list of decision trees. Each tree decides in a binary manner, yes or no. Each decision tree is based on individual users' actions, parameters, and risk metrics.  

Therefore by feeding the machine learning AI with a list of daily growth-performing wallets and using the decision tree framework to input the desired variables, the AI can spit out binary decisions about whether the information you input is following the result you want. The more information it is given (for example top 100 performers of a certain coin), the better the machine learning algorithm can tell if the trades made are within your desired parameters or not. The AI does this by comparing the other performers simultaneously to see if your selected metrics are met by the market movement you are attempting to track.

Disclaimer: There is no incentivizing of making specific trades or movements regarding investments. This tool can allow users to better access already available information. Given their risk parameters and configurations, the information presented users is simply an alternative way to process data from the blockchain.


In the rapid-evolving world of blockchain technology and crypto, to stay competitive and relevant, Toshi Tools bear no cost when it comes to innovation and execution. With an already successful initial execution of Toshi's master plan, we are excited for our community to see what we have in store for them. Our confidence lies in knowing the power behind our team; we strive to continue building the Toshi community to align with the soon-to-be Toshi ecosystem. Toshi is here to deliver and not to fall short of anticipation. 

Toshi is committed to long-term sustainability and continuous improvement. As experienced investors within the crypto space, our team is well aware of the nature of the crypto-space, and how investors are often wary about projects being temporary ventures rather than worthy projects. That's where Toshi differs from the rest. We are a community-centric project equipped with experienced investors and top-tier developers committed to delivering Toshi's ecosystem of tools. With a proven track record of success within crypto markets, our team knows how undeniably valuable these tools are and will be.

The mission is to help further the narrative of crypto and decentralization, which is one step closer to Toshi’s dream of a decentralized world. We are a collective of anon researchers, developers, and investors that sympathize with Toshi’s vision, and we hope to further build upon it and expand the evolution of this space. With a commitment to staying relevant and competitive, the Toshi ecosystem is here to stay.
Transparency is at the heart of Toshi's goal. We are driven by community and collaboration. A strong community will provide valuable resources and support for the project's growth and development. Our goal is to create a thriving community to attract new investors and users to the Toshi space. We value our community and know that a healthy and happy atmosphere is essential to propel this project to new heights. 

We are here to lay the bricks of the Toshi ecosystem, piece by piece. Toshi's long-term sustainability will be achieved with continuous updates about the project's status to assure investors' and community members' trust in the project's development. Consistent community updates will consist of in-detail reports of exactly which phase we are in.

$Toshi Token

$Toshi Token is created as a system to give access to our ecosystem of apps to a wide range of traders and investors. Holding $Toshi in your wallet allows various levels of access to the Toshi Ecosystem.
Token Utility
When you connect your wallet to Toshi Tool's dApp, the app will automatically detect the amount of $Toshi in your wallet therefore determining your wallet's Tier. Your wallet Tier dictates how much access you will have to using Toshi Tool's features. There are currently 2 ways to access Toshi Tool's full functionality for our first app of the Toshi ecosystem.

1. Users need to own 0.4% (4000000000 tokens) of $Toshi supply in their wallet to become a Tier 1 holder. Tier 1 holders will have full access to our app.

2. If a user is not a Tier 1 holder, they will have the option to burn $100usd worth of $Toshi for access our app for 1 month.

NOTE: Don't worry if you don't have 0.4% of $Toshi supply. Future wallet Tiers will be released that accommodate users that have less than 0.4% of $Toshi.
Token Burn Function
$Toshi's value is deflationary due to its burn function. Wallets that are not Tier 1 holders will have to burn $Toshi tokens for access to various levels of the app. This will make existing tokens more valuable as more and more users participate in Toshi Tool's ecosystem of utility.
Development Wallet
Our development wallet (0xA027c7c415fE2a2393c1e1277F6d3F79c9Ea1AB1) contains half of our transaction fee.
This wallet is and will continue to be used for project development such as exchange listings (CEX), app development, partnerships and advisores.
Marketing Wallet
Our marketing wallet (0x209FDA1C49e5257424a13B2D5Df28c7A3601379D) also contains half of our transaction fee.
This wallet is for project growth and marketing such as influencer marketing, community events, advertisements, content creations and more.